Fuji GFX 50S

An absolute delight to use. 63mm.


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Pentax 645Z

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A few from Paris.

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Batey Farms, Murfreesboro, Tn.

Model: Elle

Nikon D5

1DSC_13941DSC_1224 1DSC_1261 1DSC_1289

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Stormy week

Across the Nashville skyline.



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Goodbye spring interns

1DSC_0342 1DSC_0177

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The making of a clown part 2

With the help of model, Elle Long, we set out to document the making of a clown with both digital and film. This series was shot with Hasselblad and Mamiya film cameras using Portra 160 film. Developing and scans from Richard Photo Lab.


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The making of a clown

Model, Elle Long

Pentax 645Z


1IMGP4350 1IMGP4360 1IMGP4366 1IMGP4380 1IMGP4384 1IMGP4392 1IMGP4462 2IMGP4485 2IMGP4490 2IMGP4501

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Snow photos

Fuji XT1 w/16-55 f/2.8


1DSCF6684 1DSCF6699 1DSCF6703 1DSCF6708

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